All songs written by Christopher Zerbe © 2015 Christopher Zerbe (BM1)
Blackbirds Over Arkansas

Was it a stroke to bring a new year or the rockets in the night
Or any numbered invitations offered for the reason why
The passerine above so innocently flew
Until the ground and death were all they knew
Little corpses broken wings and feathers black as coal
A mysterious trauma - the only red's been there since they were born
So many day birds flyin' up to the moon as one
Oblivious oblivion would come
You've got me fallin' like a blackbird over Arkasnas
I'm tumblin' from a winter's midnight sky
How can you die a thousand times when the explanation rhymes
And ain't nobody know the reason why
The blackbirds do but they can't tell no lies
Among the speakers and opionionators 'round a TV crew
Anyone with any theories said they'd find out what we need to do
But in the days that followed the test results were hung
And all the talking ended, it was done

For the second year in a row, thousands of dead blackbirds
fell from the sky over Beebe Arkansas on New Year's Eve
covering the town in black * Witnesses reported dead birds
in the streets on rooftops and blanketing front lawns and backyards
across the entire city * What made these red-wing blackbirds
unexpectedly fall out of a midnight sky two years in a row
remains undetermined * The Arkansas Live Stock and Poultry
Commission's laboratory analyses were inconclusive showing only
some physical blunt force tissue damage and no traces
of any bacteria viruses or toxic chemicals found 
in any of the testing samples * Speculations range from
firework echoes to weather anomalies but none
of them reasonably explain how such a large volume
of blackbirds - a species who normally roost at night
could fall from a nocturnal flight precisely two
years in a row and without any readily
tangible evidence * This tragedy will remain
Beebe's greatest mystery with only
the blackbirds knowing exactly what
happened those two fateful winter nights

Calling All You Dreamers

Chasing dreams can always seem it's something for any old fool
That's the way they'll always say you'll end up broken in two
How could something as simple as a notion
Change the world from a desert to an ocean
Calling all you dreamers
To the ones who still believe we'll find a way
If we hold on and we fight strong
'Till the thieves and charlatans fly away if we do
In your mind there's room to find a million stars in the night
Some would use the sun to prove there's only darkness in the light
Too many doubts to be offered for the take
It's only fear of the magic you'll make
Calling all you dreamers
Don't give up for anyone we'll find a way
We'll fight strong and we'll carry on
'Till the thieves and charlatans fly away

Crazy Ages

Believe in me I can give you everything
Just wait and see you can have it all
And don't believe any naysay about it
Wait for me you will have it all
How many souls have to cry for a cause
How many angels fly
We are caught up in the crazy ages
And we fight until we can't fire first
(And we die 'cause we can't try first)
The earth is burnin' up to quench our thirst
And it goes on and on and on
And it goes on and on and on
You don't have to care The Devil left the details
Without a snare we can make 'em crawl
We only need never-ending dedication
Eternally - and we will never fall!
How many hearts have to break in the way
How many dreams will die
And it won't matter when I'm dead and gone
(The son's got it right, the son's got it wrong)
They take you down - it don't take long
And all of it just for a song

Every Little Thing

Livin' in the shadows ain't no way to make it through life child
Hidin' from the gallows we can only take it for a little while
But in a little while something's gonna drag you to the light of day
And in a little while hiding's gonna feel like it's the easy way out
So I want every little thing for you
Every little thing that you ever ever wanted to do
Oh I want every little thing
The sun's gonna burn those who never learn how to seek cool shade
A moon in the night sky's gonna cast shadows but they're gonna fade
They'll fade to white by the first steps taken in the morning light
And morning light leads a bright path to find a way out
When you feel alive nothing's gonna keep you from destiny
And destiny's only gonna meet you where you've gotta be

Higher Than The Sky (Children Of War)

You can take it all away - our everything
You can bend us 'till we break and call it winning
You can tumble spirits to the ground with us asunder
You can shake our houses with the sound of thunder, but
We will hold our heads up higher than high
Hold our heads up higher than the sky
And dream 'till we reach the morning light
We will hold our heads up higher than the sky
Once there's nothing left to take and it's all over
You'll be standing in a wake of tears forever
And though our hearts will all have gone to heal this heartache
It will be you who'll walk this alone for such a long way
And though you burn our innocence in vain we're never falling
Though the nightmares come again sleep is calling


Oh how they loved to love you baby
Just to be your honey bee
And when it stole your heart they never thought how it would make you bleed
Shiny sugar hair sassy shakin' hips
Oh darlin' anyone'd take that ride 'till the road hits those dips
And did you know it 'cause you don't show it
When the wheels slide off the tracks
It's forever stormy weather even when the sunshines porcupine
Oh they're beautiful
How they lay so sweet
But everybody knows how any single one can stab within three feet
And I'm good at takin' pain - at least I thought I could
But in that bed of quills it put pierces places no one thought they ever would
Oh how they've said goodbye as a final gest
Gettin' on their way - gettin' outta here no one could pass that test

Rather Sleep Alone Tonight

How come nobody's won
How has nobody won
How has nobody won the war you fight
Can't you see what you've done
See that nobody's won
See how nobody's won the war tonight
And don't you say it's a better way
'Cause I won't buy - I'll never pay
If you want me now you'd better make this right
You say you're good for me but baby I don't feel anything but spite
With a lover like you I'd rather sleep alone tonight
Too many empty promises the good life's comin' in the wink of an eye
With a lover like you I'd rather sleep alone tonight
If you want me to believe
How bright our future can be
Why do you wanna hurt the ones you love
If you want my eyes to see
A future for you and me
Why do you wanna hurt the ones you love
And you could sell anything today
But I won't buy - I'll never pay
If you want me now you'd better make this right

Soundest Sleeper

You're the one forever soundest sleeper
You're the one who sleeps in peace at night
And when you're under there's no signs of danger
When you slumber it's easy to fly
Anyone within an earshot would see
How you've walked the longest road
But anyone with any sense of degree
Would soon expose the phony prose
There's always been somebody else left to blame
For moving truth into the light
Your mirrored images reflect only fame
Ephemeral and on the wane!


Was it a dream - the first you've seen - fingers so long and to the bone
And though you run you're the one
How they can take you far from home
So where are you going tonight - 'cause we can't find you
While we're sleeping you'll be in flight so far away and out of sight
A million stars and all so far - some kind of magic takes you there
A mystery this history - sunlight erases any ware

When You Think Of Me

Please don't believe in the permanence 
Please don't believe in the shell
Where we can keep all our suffering
Where we can see straight to hell
'Cause I - I don't feel this way
Now I see only light
So when you think of me baby don't be sad
It was everything that we ever had
And though your eyes can't see just where I've gone
When you think of me I'll be here all along
High is the moon when the sun is high
And high is the sun in the night
It's never dark where your heart is strong - it's only illusion's lie
And I - I still remember when and I can feel you all the time
It's just a journey for everyone
It's just a time and a way
For us to see how a love is grown
For us to give it all away
And you - you know you must be strong!
'Cause there's such a long way to live

Wind On Fire

Soft as a baby's touch the whisper's such in the air alone
And after years of passing fears the voice cuts to the bone
Small and sleight - too weak to fight when every punch was thrown
And miles of borderlines were redefined a place unknown
All shadows have their say
In the night or the light of day
'Cause everyone's got to pay - you can't throw them all away
You're wind on fire chasing dying embers fading in the night
You're a wind on fire
And you'll never stop until the ash has gone white and it's burned out
Straight to the top a fight non-stop to find ephemeral peace
You won't look down 'cause nothing's found at the sight of a broken dream
Power fame and money's game make promises they don't keep
And though you're high it's still a like 'cause the past never goes to sleep
And when a new day's come you'll vie for another rung
It's a game nobody's won but you can't be outdone

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